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John Woodman is made of. They sat against the clammy walls of the cell. The candlelight from the outer room shone dimly underneath their door. It was the only sign of hope; at least the bailiff hadn't deserted them as he awaited the arrival of the one man who could confirm their story. The darkness surrounding them did not ease, instagram Lutel's legs felt stiff and her bottom was numb. No word had passed their lips for twenty minutes or more. They both sat still reflecting upon their position. Fatigue eventually told on Rewn and he drifted into a fitful sleep. For Lutel the dark held unwelcome memories. She looked towards Rewn and drew comfort from his gentle snoring. He was handling the situation far better than she could have hoped – better than herself, in fact. Then again, he hadn't borne her experiences. Lutel's thoughts drifted back many years, to her time as a little girl of eight, when her fear of dark enclosed spaces had first originated. She despised herself for the weakness; despite all the dangerous situations she had faced since, this fear still stood out as the one most likely to reduce her to panic. The day had started brightly; she had waved goodbye to her mother as she skipped out of the house to join her friends Kaitli and Jorrel. A bag of food dangled at her side. Don't venture out of the clambake site were her mother's departing words buy instagram likes as she closed the gate. How the others google teased her when they suggested an alternative site for their alfresco meal, and she initially refused to join them. Eventually she submitted to peer pressure and went with buy instagram likes them to a field full of deep ponds. Here they were joined by several other children from the area and Lutel soon forgot her parent's warning as the squeal and laughter of their games wiped all thoughts of disobedience away. The area was a disused brickworks; a bygone age had mined the warm purple clay. Nature had reclaimed the land so that now most of the hollows were deep with water, but on their steep sides, traces of clay could still be found. Small blue fish shared the lakes with a wealth of insect and plant life; several species of bird, attracted by the sheltered water and the rich food source, used it as a nesting site. The idyllic buy instagram likes grounds were a favourite leisure spot, but over the years buy instagram likes the lakes had claimed several victims, accidental and otherwise, and most parents forbade their offspring from playing there unsupervised. At the edges of the lakes grew a variety of small bushes and trees. One particular species was a source of attraction to the local children. Its branches grew out from a small stool and provided the children with a whippy stick, several feet in length. It was to such a tree that Jorrel came, and he snapped off several long sticks. The branches were a bluish-grey hue, and buy instagram likes devoid of any nodes, their prime attraction being their springiness. Mud twangers , the children called them. Their game began with rolling a small piece of the purple clay into a ball. The sphere was poked onto the tip of a stick, then the stick, held above your head with the clay pointing towards the sky, was swung carefully backwards and then whipped forwards, propelling the ball of clay over great distances. Lutel squealed with delight as her projectiles whistled through the air, instagram landing in the far distance. The children targeted an island reed bed and aimed their clay bullets across the water;